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live events. Group workshops. Corporate wellness

Live fitness kickboxing events and workshops offer the excitement of learning new skills in a group environment, making fitness fun with giveaways, swag bags and having fun sweating together! Travel and collaborations are welcomed! (Events are branded)

Group workshops provide an environment to learn technique, the basic 6 count, kicks, knees, elbows and how to hold mitts correctly. You’ll put your skills to the test with timed rounds, an actual kickboxing workout, while getting tips from an experienced fighter and trainer.

Corporate Wellness: I offer group office workouts, fitness kickboxing with pads/ gloves and yoga. Personal training, private mitt sessions and private yoga instruction is also available. Must be approved by your workplace prior.


Destination wellness is a wonderful, and concentrated, way to focus on your health and rejuvenate.

The Settled Life tropical wellness retreats at Casa Mono Loco empower and nourish the body, mind and heart by integrating the practice of yoga, fitness, mitt work, and meditation with wanderlust and the enlivening energy of the human connection in the beautiful environment of Cost Rica.

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Retreats include:

  • 5-7 night accommodations at Casa Mono Loco an exclusive private residence, in Costa Rica

  • Daily poolside yoga and meditation overlooking the bay

  • Midday mindful mitt work

  • 1 onsite custom massage

  • Nourishing sea-to-table, farm-to-table breakfast and lunch

  • 2 onsite chef prepared dinners

  • Daily housekeeping services

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“I attended my first kick boxing workshop with Camee and it was a blast! the atmosphere was amazing and the instruction was even better. As a beginner I needed slow, detailed instruction and I got just that. I got a great workout in, but also had fun! it’s the perfect kick butt sweat session.”

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