FIGHTING, FITNESS and WELLNESS—No one can buy it for you, do it for you, or take it away from you. All you, for you, by you.

While visiting my site, I hope you find strength, motivation, courage and most importantly start to develop resilience to become RESILNT™ on
your path to wellness.

My approach to optimizing overall health includes working cohesively in a judgment-free environment, while simultaneously providing services focused on wellness, fitness, and developing resilience to adhere to new lifestyle changes and mindsets.

I can help you create a new mindset, teach coping skills, offer more tools, encourage you, and hold space for you, but doing the work is up to you.

Whether you’re just starting your own resilience process to be RESILNT™ ,
or just trying to maintain wellness in your life or business, I would love to work with you, your team or organization!


When outlining a business model the experts suggest “picking one thing and then focusing on it”. My experience has taught me that my “one thing” is resilience.

There are moving parts to resiliency, which is why I incorporate different methods of exercise, mental health, nutrition, and mindfulness, into my programs. Exercise alone is powerful. Great nutrition is vital. Wellness and mindfulness is a must, but when you combine all of these strands? You begin building resiliency and become RESILNT™ .

Ponder some of the challenges you might encounter on a typical day. Things like self-doubt, low self-esteem, trauma, an unsupportive peer group, fear, grief, anxiety, depression, addictive behaviors, mood swings, and on and on and on. Different outlets, and varied training methods, cultivate different strengths. Some days yoga might be the best outlet. Other days mitt work and kickboxing might be the most beneficial. Maybe you need weights, or running, or volunteering, or stretching, or meditating. Each day is different, with unique challenges, and I'd like to help you gain the tools you need to work through it all.

At different times in my life different modalities helped drive me forward. By continuing to add new pieces and new techniques, I feel like I am preparing myself to deal with whatever life is going to throw at me.

Appears As the cover model of STRONG-FIT Magazine

Unlocking Resilience:

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