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Camee Adams is the leader in teaching executives and business owners how to step into the cage and fight for success...

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Former Professional MMA Fighter Camee Adams, has transformed the lives of many business owners and Entrepreneurs as a transformative keynote speaker. Camee shares her powerful story & the lessons of her expertise in combat sports, wellness and resilience that will drastically impact your success in the business battlefield. Camee has an unmatched resilient spirit that she translates into her business methodology known as -CREATING A FIGHTERS MINDSET. She has a unique ability to use her experiences in the cage and life to provide valuable insights on leadership, resilience, wellness and overall life goals.

Your story is so dynamic and Inspiring... What you’ve shared with me is a story of resilience, and you’re not just teaching it, you’re living it in your life everyday. You’ve won, you’ve lost and you’ve experienced things that are so worth sharing… and That’s the storyline that people want to hear.

~ Scott Danner | The High Performance Life


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With Keynote Speaker Camee Adams...


How Professional Fighters Become RESILNT™ To Stay In The Game...

Why Most Businesses Fail In The First Year, & How Professional Fighters Master Resilience To Stay In The Game...​

What A CEO Should Never Do That Professional Fighters Have Mastered...

Camee teaches important skills from a fighter turned CEO perspective: adaptability, focus, and discipline. Fighters are experts at overcoming fear, quickly adapting to change, staying focused on goals, and being disciplined in executing plans to achieve these goals. By mastering these skills, CEOs can improve their leadership abilities and take their companies to new levels of success.

Learn A Fighters IQ To Derail Your Competition In Your Niche...

A fighter's IQ is important in combat sports, just as understanding competitors is crucial in outperforming them in business. Strategy is key in responding to changes and maintaining an edge.

Camee's comprehensive wellness method..

Learn how to keep moving through your business's unique resilience process and accomplish your business goals with more energy, focus, and clarity of mind...

the 4 forms of resilience

Move through the 4 forms of resilience with a professional fighter to accomplish your team's objectives and achieve success in and out of the office.

Your story is so dynamic and Inspiring... I am really intrigued by anybody that is OK with getting punched in the face at least a couple of times. Like it’s so awesome. What you’ve shared with me is a story of resilience, and you’re not just teaching it, you’re living it in your life everyday. You’ve fought, you’ve taken punches and you’ve given them out—you’ve won, you’ve lost and you’ve experienced things that are so worth sharing… and that’s the storyline that people want & need to hear.

~ The High Performance Life

“I attended my first workshop with Camee and it was a blast! The atmosphere was amazing and the instruction was even better. As a beginner I needed slow, detailed instruction and I got just that. It’s the perfect kick-butt sweat session.”


Camee—At times like this it might be appropriate to remind you how impressive a person you really are. With years of hard work you’ve made yourself an extremely powerful woman. You’ve found a way to share that power with others through martial arts tuition. You teach them to defend themselves, but you also teach them not to make assumptions about the perceived weakness of femininity. You are an extraordinarily strong, capable, and courageous woman. None of that came easy to you. And none of it can be taken away.


Some of Camee's Engagements Include:

Professional MMA Fighter

Former Professional MMA fighter Camee Adams started her career in fitness and Muay Thai before transitioning into MMA. Adams is known for her striking ability and aggressive fighting style which she has now innovated into powerful life lessons for her audience. She had strong kicks and punches that enabled her to TKO opponents in early rounds. During her career, she trained with some of the best coaches and fighters in the sport. Adams contributed tremendously to the mental health of athletes in MMA, and has shared her story impacting many lives. Camee shows how the mindset of a fighter is needed in all areas of life, spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, and in business.

Advanced Wellness Methodology

Camee Adams has created a powerful wellness coaching methodology due to her ability to help clients transform their lives through a comprehensive approach to wellness. With her background in communications ( currently pursuing a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling) nutrition, and fitness, she takes a holistic approach to wellness coaching. She not only helps her clients achieve their physical goals, but also helps them understand the importance of mental and emotional well-being through her advanced coaching methodology. Camee encourages her clients to take charge of their lives by helping them to set realistic goals and providing them with the tools and resources they need to achieve success which sets her apart as a powerful and effective wellness coach...

Keynote Speaker

Camee Adams' journey as a former MMA fighter has moved her to be a top Thought Leader in her industry. Through her speaking engagements, Camee inspires audiences with her story of resilience, perseverance, and overcoming adversity. She has been recognized as a thought leader in the athlete and motivational speaking industries, sharing her insights on topics such as overcoming obstacles, goal setting, and mental toughness. Camee uses her platform to empower others and remind everyone that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

Successful Mother

Of Two Beautiful Daughters

Being a successful mother requires a lot of dedication and hard work, and Camee has shown this by raising her daughters with love, discipline and support. She has instilled the values of hard work, self-confidence and independence in her daughters, which has helped them become successful and independent women. Her daughters have learned from her example and have used her guidance and teachings to achieve their own successes. They have not only grown into strong and confident women, but they have also become influential and inspiring role models for others. Despite the challenges that come with motherhood, Camee Adams has shown that with love, patience and determination, one can raise successful and influential children who will positively impact the world.

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