“unbreakable, comprehensive wellness.”

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When outlining a business model the experts suggest “picking one thing and then focusing on it”. My experience has taught me that my “one thing” is comprehensive wellness.

There are moving parts to wellness, which is why I incorporate different methods of exercise, mental health, nutrition, and mindfulness, into my programs. Exercise alone is powerful. Great nutrition is vital. Focus and goal setting can be potent. But when you combine all of these strands? You begin building something unbreakable.

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Ponder some of the challenges you might encounter on a typical day. Things like self-doubt, low self-esteem, trauma, an unsupportive peer group, fear, grief, anxiety, depression, addictive behaviors, mood swings, and on and on and on. Different outlets, and varied training methods, cultivate different strengths. Some days yoga might be the best outlet. Other days mitt work and kickboxing might be the most beneficial. Maybe you need weights, or running, or volunteering, or stretching, or meditating. Each day is different, with unique challenges, and I'd like to help you gain the tools you need to work through it all.

At different times in my life different modalities helped drive me forward. By continuing to add new pieces and new techniques, I feel like I am preparing myself to deal with whatever life is going to throw at me.


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Athletic Career

  • Life time athlete (gymnast, soccer, body building, WMMA)

  • Nationally qualified Figure athlete (trained by Shane Heugly)

  • Amateur WMMA fighter (trains out of Jeremy Horns Elite Performance in Sandy, UT)


Personal trainer

WMMA fighter
2014 – present

Train for her contributor
2017 – present

Yoga teacher
2018 – Present


”I’ve been going to the gym by myself consistently for three years. I saw some improvement in the way I look, but there was something missing. I felt my progression plateaued. I’m not sure how I found Camee on Instagram, but i’m forever grateful. In the last twelve weeks I’ve seen more change in myself than in the last three years, physically and mentally. Every four weeks she provided me a challenging but doable workout plan as well as a meal plan (with a variety of choices based on foods I liked). She understood what I wanted — and made it possible. My biggest challenge is nutrition — I’m a sucker for sweets — but she didn’t make me feel bad about that. A good coach doesn’t kick you while you’re down, they remind you that it is okay to enjoy a treat here and there and not feel guilty. She kept me motivated and educated me on meal plans. I truly feel for the first time that I can hit my goal.”

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